UR - Terra de Marca

I want to call it “Ur”, and don’t ask me why. I want that it doesn’t mean nothing. If someone asks me, so it will be: "What does “Ur”, means? Nothing. It doesn’t mean anything ... Well, Ur was a mesopotamian city, one of the most ancient in history. And it is also a small village in Cerdanya. And it can be read 'You are' ... " By the way, it is also a Xarel·lo wine fermented in oak casks. This was the briefing delivered by the customer. During the conceptualization process we found interesting to incorporate it as the main element of the wrapping. In the bottle, the warm color of the glass and the label, reminds us the aging of the wine in wood casks. The brand, developed from the humanist typeface "Didot", forms an easily identifiable monogram.